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Little Clara…

Newborn photos are easier said than done…especially when you’re both photographer and mom! We finally managed to take Clara’s newborn photos when she was 11 days old, and not a day too soon because on day 12 she was suddenly very alert!

Things are great with this little girl of ours! She is growing like a weed- 7 lbs 11 oz at her 2 week check up. She is now in the 75% for weight and 97% for height! She still seems so tiny to me, though!

My mom went home this morning, so Monday will be our first day since Clara’s birth without backup! I can’t claim to be anything but nervous, but I have confidence that I can get the kids on board with our new agenda (survival)! :)

One Response to “Little Clara…”

  1. minta says:

    These pictures are beautiful, Meliss! love you and Clara :)