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Summer Schedule

It seems silly to share this so late in the Summer, but maybe it will be helpful to someone? If nothing else, it will help us remember where our time went over this Summer that seems to be sweeping by us!

We’ve been able to keep pretty close to our schedule and it gives me direction on days when nothing has been planned. We aren’t so very good at all participating in chores, but at least¬†something¬†gets done during this time!

I think Lily will stop napping in the next couple of days and have been preparing a couple of boxes of quiet activities. Lately, her naps are either full or trouble and slammed doors as she repeated gets up to peek out of the room, or her not being tired at bedtime. Sooo, I just need to get the guts up to bite the bullet. My one concern is that I normally get so sleepy around 3:00 myself! Hard to nap when both girls are up! :)

Here is our schedule for this summertime.

3 Responses to “Summer Schedule”

  1. MiMi says:

    So, what about Friday?

  2. Steph says:

    Love this! Simple, yet everything seems like it would get done, and yet you still have a lot of fun! You are such a good mama :)