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Crystal Maternity…

[This post was originally written Aug 8 and is snatched from my photo blog and content is officially out of date since my sweet nephew is now over a week old! The c section went perfectly, the baby so healthy and a spitting image of his big brother, and tomorrow I’ll be shooting his newborn photos! Name is still TBD, as of Sunday, but maybe I’ll have good new to report tomorrow??]

I’ve been blessed with all kinds of beautiful people in my life, this here is my sister in law Crystal, and she’s such a beautiful person! She is also having a baby tomorrow. After so much anticipation, the countdown is on: in t minus 8 hours she checks in for a repeat c section! We can’t wait to get the word that this little guy has joined the family! He will be the closest boy cousin to my own sweet baby and is already so adored!

See for yourself!

[BTW, Mike wanted to title this post “what comes in, must come out”! Creepy, and yet oh so appropriate!]

Perhaps my favorite from this session

and my own little monsters had to get in on the chair action! I love these cousins!