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Preview for Drew and Nick

Can you even believe that my brothers are about to begin their senior year! I can’t, but it is probably for different reasons that most readers out there! I am beyond amazed each time I hear of all the great things these kids are doing, who they are and who they are becoming. Amazed. They are spectacularly good kids and have great things in store.

Now if only we could convince them to come to UW and stay with us! ;)

Here’s Drew. He’s the oldest…by 45 minutes, and he is also Lily’s dream boy. Drew and Lily clicked while he was here. Drew likes long walks on the beach, picnics…just kidding, but he is a fabulous soccer player, euphonium player in the marching band (I got it right, this time, RIGHT??), boy scout and all around cool guy. He’s a mellow kid and is so easy for me to be around, because I feel like of all of my siblings he is the most like me.

And then there was Nick. He is the youngest twin, for all intensive purposes, but is such a strong leader in the family and otherwise. Nick is drum major in the band, another boyscout, and black belt, hard worker and has a great sense of humor! He’s also single, for the moment!

oh yeah, and one of the two of them!