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We had the very best Easter week that I can remember this year. We began what I hope will be a new tradition and honored our Savior each night of Holy Week by holding a family devotional each night. We focused on the events leading up to his passing in picture, song, and thoughts. Occasionally a video or activity. I’ve found that videos on LDS.org work so well when you have a large chunk of scripture to cover in one night.  I really feel like it helped us to feel closer to Him when Easter day rolled around.

Easter was the week after we moved into our new house and I thought this would be a disappointment because I wouldn’t be able to focus while unpacking, but we put a giant print where we hung several paintings of Christ and for awhile this was the only decoration in our home. This tradition was such a blessing and really, really helped me through a rough week!

We had MiMi & PaPa, Lindsay, David and Cade over for dinner. I can’t remember anything about the dinner, but the kids had a fun front yard egg hunt (even using our neighbor’s yard since they weren’t there yet) and we filled the street with confetti from cascarones. The construction guys and Mike Lynch, our builder, commented on the mess we made, but we figured they leave trash in our yard (construction woes) all the time, so they’ll live! :)

Nora wouldn’t sit still for her own portrait. Other than those sweet, sweet faces, these pictures are technically awful! I don’t care though, they make me so happy! My mom and I bought their outfits the week we lived with them.