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I’m kind of in shock that its been a year since I posted on our blog. Let face it, Instagram has a lot more appeal right now…mostly because of the “insta” feature. We’ve been so busy moving TWICE, exploring as a family, a year of school, soccer season, 3 volleyball seasons, tumbling, ukulele, middle school orientation, 7 birthdays, and the day to day life of a family of seven! Its a lot. But mostly, its a lot of good.

We started building a house back in July of 2016. It was a whirlwind 9 months of preparation! We were told by our lender that we needed all funding for our March close 90 days in advance, i.e. January 3! We knew we couldn’t get the best for our sale by listing it over the holidays, so we listed in October. It had multiple offers and sold quickly, which we are so thankful for. Mike has actually struck up a friendship- forged by a love of home automation and the new owners fulfillment of several of Mike’s remodel dreams!

We moved into an apartment in our area the week before Thanksgiving, expecting to be there until early March, but our new house was delayed by about 6 weeks. So we spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break in our 1500 square foot, 3 bedroom apartment. I know that so many big families thrive in that amount of space and often less, but this was a big scale down for our family. Maddie, Cash, and Lily shared a room that was barely big enough to walk around their beds. It was a full fledged party most nights (aka, keeping everyone up yelling at Cash for being too noisy!) Clara had her own room that was also the play room. She transferred to sleeping in a big girl bed while we were there. Nora slept in our master closet…again!

Despite all this, I thought we handled it well. We kept most of our things, so many unneeded things, in our garage and lived a bit more simply. In hindsight, everything felt heavy during that time. It felt like an eternity before our house was ready. it was delayed and delayed again. There was a point when we thought we may not close. Our apartment lease was extended, resulting in paying insane rates for being out of contract (it went from $2800 to $3600 a month).

It got to the point when it could be extended no more, but our close date was set for 4 days after our lease ended. Mike had to travel the day after our lease ended. We loaded everything into 2 uhauls, parked them at the Uhaul facility, and moved to MiMi’s to wait it out! MiMi and PaPa went above and beyond to make space for all of us and the kids loved our time there. My only complaint was the 25 minute drive to school, preschool, sports practices, and Activity Days without Mike’s backup. Luckily I was able to leave the little girls with my mom instead of waking them early to drive to school!

Our new home is wonderful. We adore the space and the view, the privacy and yard. It amazing how time bends depending on your situation. The time that seemed an eternity in the apartment has flown by in our new home. We’ve been there for 3 months and are feeling very much at home. We’re meeting neighbors one by one as they join the neighborhood. We’re really making an effort to set an inclusive and welcoming tone and feel it a privilege to be the 2nd family in the neighborhood so that we can do that.

Anyways! These pictures of the little girls were taken back behind our apartment. It had a fantastic view of cottonwood creek, which now runs behind our house and we look over its greenbelt (can’t actually see the creek). These girls are so sweet together. Nora often follows Clara in her imaginative play and refuses to go to sleep without a kiss and zerbert on her cheek. She is not a blind follower though and as much as Clara wants to be the boss (she’s a opinionated little goose!), Nora isn’t one to be pushed around!