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a little bit of my boyfriend.

We’re trying to make the most of the weather. School is out again tomorrow, which means we’ve got yet another day to find ways to entertain ourselves. I may sneak the girls away for solo outings for pictures. I also have big plans for making Valentines…if I can ever find my stash of paper doilies! (thanks for the idea, Amanda!)

Anyways, Mike let me take a few pictures of him for my photography class today. I’m reviewing posing: mugshot, 3/4, 7/8 and profile. ┬áHe’s got that cool boy stare down! My neighbor, Lucy, looked very confused when she saw us out running through our 8 1/2 inches of snow without kids this afternoon!

Heeeere’s Mikey! Oh, and if you could get me a little comment love, I’m sure it’d do wonders for that boy’s ego. He may spend hours flexing in the mirror, but apparently he is uncomfortable looking at photos of himself!


4 Responses to “a little bit of my boyfriend.”

  1. Emily says:

    You have one of the handsomest and most wonderful boyfriends around! Seriously… he’s, like, one of my very favorite people. The photos are awesome, too.

  2. minta says:

    I love him! He is so handsome… and I mean it. :)

  3. Caroline says:

    Yep, he’s still got it! :) He’s just missing his highlighted bleach tips! Just kidding! If only, I could get my hubby to wear a jacket like his. Mike’s got style! Great pics, Melissa!

  4. Denny says:

    Straight up PIMP! ;)