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Nora’s Market

Nora’s 1st birthday was 4 days after Madilynn’s and since it was a party year for this big girl, we invited a couple families and MiMi and PaPa over for a small party. (Small is relative when your closest friends’ families have 3-6 kids each!)

We had a bit of a market theme with tons of farm fresh fruits and veggies, fresh baked items and izzies! I didn’t worry about activities, other than letting the kids play together like they really wanted.

Our Nora girl is such a snuggly little love! At 12 months she has no interest in standing or walking- not even in our laps or while holding our hands. She just wants to sit and observe, snuggle with mom. Actually, she doesn’t even crawl! Her first word (other than Ma and Da) was “bye!”, combined with the sweetest little wave, and she shares it frequently. Her sisters and brother adore her and are always happy to sit and play.

She’s my pickiest little eater. Actually, she wouldn’t be picky at all if I gave up and fed her carbs and avocado all the time, but I’m still fighting for a balanced diet!

We love this sweet girl!




Love these boys! Of the 15 kids we had at the party, there are only these three, kindergarten boys! Think they’re going to have a pretty strong bond as they grow up dealing with their many sisters??


The babies!


The 8 and 9 year oldsdsc_1347-copy

Little girls! (Missing Addie, who is going to be in their Joy school in the Fall!)dsc_1353-copy

The big ones! Love these silly, intelligent girlies!


Ok, this cake series is an absolute crackup. She liked the attention of the singing to her, LOVED all the big kids around her, but once she tasted a bite of that frosting she LOST it!