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The Graduate: Egg OIT

Happy happy day!!! This girl graduated from egg OIT! She is now at 2 REAL eggs a day for the next month, drops her allergy medicine in 3 weeks, and then we retest! Even better than not needing to mix powdered eggs into a shot of juice twice a day she now can eat them ANY way and earned herself a CUPCAKE from a BAKERY this afternoon! When’s the last time THAT happened!! 5 months ago a chewy spree landed the girl in urgent care, so the view from here is looking pretty sunny today!!!! ☀️

We’ve gone weekly since the end of September for a raise in her egg dosage. She started with micrograms of egg and would take her dosage twice a day with Zyrtec and Xanax to help her body not react! Each dr appointment they give her a little more egg and then monitor her reaction (the first appointment was 8 hours though!) For the most part she’s responded well, but there have been days where she reacted to her am dose and had to be monitored for the day. It’s been lots of missed school, lots of drama as we figure out how to make powdered egg palatable in juice , and LOTS of time! But through the desensitization process she’s gone from reacting to a lick of a chewy spree to handling a whole egg!!!

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