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One of my very favorite people and I found ourselves flying solo while our husbands were on a Scout campout this March, so we decided to seize a moment and take our kids on an outing. Just Janelle, Me, and 9 kids 9 and under! They definitely ran amuck through the rows of tulips! Our boys are both only sons and they are such cute little buddies when we get together! Despite warnings to stick close and not cross the rows, they chased from one side of the fields to the next and with 4 toddlers and infants between us, there was little us moms could do about it (and they were partly too wonderfully free to really want to contain).

Other highlights are Elle swimming in the dust, the two Lilys giant dragging baskets with a single tulip around, and the kids determination to pick and pay for their very own, over priced, tulip! Most of all, I love that Janelle  teaches me (and I need regular, gentle reminders) to embrace the chaos!

The fields had the most adorably awkward teenage girl dressed up as an Easter bunny. She was all legs and it was the most bizarre thing! Keep scrolling, they’re worth a good laugh!

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