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Mr MacGregor’s Garden Party

We hosted our second annual Easter Egg decorating party with friends the weekend after we got back from Saint George. Can I just say how much I love this tradition? Its super simple to host, the kids love it, and its not often that I get the excuse to host some of the amazing people that have come to fill our lives here in Texas. We had five families over (and wished we could invite so many more!) but between all of us there were 24 kids ages 12 and under! We had a simple potluck and used plastic matte eggs and let the kids color away.

I was distracted and trying to focus on the experience and I’m really not crazy about how the pictures turned out, but I love all these people and have such happy memories of the day, so I’m trying to not let the photographer in me taint the memory by getting bent out of shape over photos.

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