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Easter 2016

Easter came so early this year! Just a couple weeks after spring break in Saint George, in fact! I wish that I could say that it was an especially reverent and moving one, but really I was just happy to hit all of the important points! I’m sure we missed many opportunities to teach along the way, but I felt constantly a couple steps behind schedule. I just was not working from my happy, comfortable place of what Steven Covey describes as important/non-urgent to-do items!

This first picture taken on Sunday morning is my favorite. Its each of my kids so perfectly these days: Cash with his endless questioning. Clara always needs to hold something cute. Nora bawls if she sees me but can’t have me. Madilynn is the little mother. Lily is a pleaser and poses to perfection whenever the camera is out.

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My mom mad a delicious Easter dinner and brought it to our house to share with Lindsay, David, and Cade. The kids enjoyed an egg hunt together as well.

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