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Spring Break 2016: Day 9

All photos from this day are from my cell phone.

Last day on the road! Unlike our hyper organized trip West, this leg of our trip home was impossibly unorganized! We didn’t have healthy treats stocked and didn’t keep a consistent stopping strategy, and as a result we made horrible time! To top it off, Cash got sick during the last 5 hours of this day and we had a pretty unpleasant last few hours in the car!

Just outside Amarillo is a place called Cadillac Ranch that is a perfect little stop to stretch your legs. Its actually a row of old cadillacs partially buried in the ground. They sell spray paint at the gate, or you can pick up some that was discarded by previous visitors, and leave your mark on the cars. We had a blast!

Five hours from Dallas in a tiny Texas town, we suddenly heard gut wrenching sounds from the back seat. Without any warning, Cash had thrown up all over the floor in front of his seat. We pulled over at an abandoned gas station, but quickly realized that it was not a simple cleanup. Mike and Cash ran across the two lane highway and the girls and I doubled back to buy supplies at a highway down the street. $12 and 30 minutes later we kinda had it cleaned up, but knew we’d need a full detailing once we got home.

It seemed like everything exploded after this.

We couldn’t find anywhere to eat dinner. The kids were constantly griping. When we did finally find dinner, the restaurant was closed so we had to eat in the stinky car we’d been sitting in all day, then our dinner was “stolen” by the car in front of us in the drive thru. The kid who took our order flipped out, throwing his hat and kicking the garbage before he came to break the news to us. We then waited for 20 minutes for them to remake it. Yup. It was super cool.

But really, even though it was a rough end to the day, we had an incredible trip. It taught us a lot about we’re capable of. I didn’t think we could enjoy so much car time together, but we did! We were able to manage things really well, which makes me feel empowered to take on more adventures with my family! Also, we slept in hotels that were more cramped than I’d like, but the 4 kids were fine in the same room! Maybe not something I’d like t do long term, but again! This was a big step for us and I’m proud that we stretched ourselves in ways we once questioned we could.















waiting for the car to be cleaned out. In a parking lot. They were on such a rock collecting kick that they were gathering in this gas station parking lot. When I examined closer, I realized they had their pockets full of a broken car window (tempered glass chunks!)

IMG_0251(waiting for our dinner in a very stinky car with lots of wiggly kids!)