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Spring Break 2016: Day 7

Arizona is so gorgeous! I’m not sure what my ideal landscape is, but I could definitely spend some time exploring the Arizona-Utah border area. Our first morning with the Bramwells was spent hiking White Tank Mountain to a very dried up waterfall. It was a crazy kind of dry heat, but everyone was at their happiest! Clara, who was nervous during previous hikes was bouncy. She was so determined to keep up with everyone on her own, but kept getting passed by. You could see her frustration on her face, but she kept trying and eventually found a buddy of her own level in Hadley.

Madison and Madilynn were instant buds, however it was entertaining watching the dueling personalities as they are both the oldest and tend to mother everyone around them!

We finished off this day with swimming, lawn games and grilling out at the neighborhood pool.

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IMG_0200If anyone was sick before this visit, they ALL were at the end. They all have such sharing hearts!