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Spring Break 2016: Day 6

We left Saint George before lunch on Thursday. The kids spent the morning at the Children’s Museum with Nana and Papa while Mike and I loaded the bags I had packed the previous afternoon. Clara was supposed to be napping while we packed, but unfortunately our incredibly well laid plan was spoiled by a slamming door and missing shoes as the kids left the rental house that morning!

Nora and I waited outside the tabernacle while Mike ran to collect the kids from the museum. These pictures were taken of my sleepy girl while we waited in the sunshine!

Our drive down to visit our wonderful friends Jeremy and Stephanie outside Phoenix was only 6 hours and we made it before dinner that night! No pictures of that first night but the kids had a great time getting to know each other while chasing through the park after dark and avoiding their dinner :) I loved how the girls took to each other so quickly. They were like long lost cousins, which is of course what we hope for when we finally see some of our favorite people again after several years.

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From my iphone on the road: