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Spring Break 2016: Day 5

I honestly can’t remember this morning…but I think that it may have included go-carts because Mike shared this image from his phone!


On the afternoon of our last day in Saint George, we met up with my friend Jessica from freshman year at BYU. She lived at the opposite end of the floor from me and we bonded over Spanish music and our Texas roots. She and her family escorted us on a long and bumpy drive down a dirt road to glitter mountain. Glitter mountain is what remains of where the original Mormon pioneers collected gypsum selenite for the walls of the Saint George Tabernacle. (its hard to find! Directions here.

I think this was likely my very favorite Saint George activity for kids! It was a simple hike, and there are rocks all over the ground, or more challenging pieces that can be chiseled away from the mountain- making this a fun activity for kids of all ages! It helped that we caught up with great people as we explored! Cash was thrilled to meet Jessica’s family because they are the reverse of us! 4 boys and 1 girl!

We left Glitter Mountain and headed directly to meet Mike’s parents at the end of their shift at the Temple Visitor’s Center. What an incredible new exhibit they’ve just put in! Its very interactive, personal, and powerful! Pictures at the bottom of this post. One very special exhibit is a series of videos following the mission experience of several young missionaries. Behind the movie screen is a display of missionary name tags that includes Mike’s parents!

Images SOOC, I’m just desperate to get our March activities posted before I forget everything (although I’ve already forgotten much!)

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untitled-823 (Large)From Mike’s phone