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Our sweet Lenora Mae is here! After the most exhausting pregnancy I’ve experienced, so much discomfort and start and stop labor for weeks, we were blessed with the most amazingly perfect delivery I could have asked for!

I was really, really dreading labor. I’ve been there and I was not at all interested in going back. Plus, after really struggling with feeling out of control of my body and life plan I was really fearful of just letting any remaining personal control go during labor. I felt like it was going to leave me utterly helpless.

In the weeks leading up, each morning that I woke up in my bed I commented to Mike that I was surprised I hadn’t gone into labor overnight. And it really occurred to me that (given that 3 of my first 4 kids were night labors) I did NOT want to drag myself out of bed to go deliver another baby! I had told Mike that going into labor first thing in the morning was my ideal.

Well, Nora’s due date came and went…and three days later I woke up to consistent contractions at 7:10am. I’m pretty sure I’d experienced a few during the night, I remember being aware of a few strong ones, but nothing consistent. Well, by the time Mike was taking Cash to preschool at 8:00 I asked him to skip his morning meeting and come right now just in case. I called my mom while he was leaving and asked her to hold off on her morning plans too…however by the time we were done talking I was confident that she should just come right over, and she did.

They both got home, we loaded the car and around 8:45 we were headed to the hospital. When we arrived I was at a 6. When I got into my room I was at a 7. They got my epidural in and by the time my midwife arrived it had kicked in beautifully. I think the worst pain I felt that day was the IV needle put into my hand (more painful than arm)!

My midwife and nurse (who was training to be a midwife), both named Jeanine, were amazing! They were an incredible team who had a long history of working together. At one point Nurse Jeanine mentioned that Midwife Jeanine had the BEST labor stories. So I called her out on sharing them and we were all cracking up as we waited for me to feel the urge to push and labor down. We watched Nora’s heart rate and an indicator that she was descending.

The urge to push was very, very minor, but around 12:30 we decided to give it a try. As we were prepping, Midwife Jeanine asked Mike if he’d ever delivered one of our babies. He hadn’t, so she asked if he’d like to. Haha, he normally avoids watching much of the actual delivery, but he was game and got suited up. I’m so appreciative of a midwife who assisted Mike in delivering our baby girl, which for some reason made me feel so, so supported. It also freed Nurse Jeanine to take pictures! She did an amazing job!

Nora was born at 1:30. Jeanine had me pull her out on the last push and while Mike clamped her cord I got to cut it. Also a first! We were so blown away when she was placed on my chest. Her cheeks! She was only 3 days late, but it was clear that she had been working hard on filling out. I loved everyone’s exclamations about how she had momma’s lips and the most delicious rolls! The whole experience was an absolute dream, I feel so blessed that after begging my Heavenly Father for relief, for a positive experience that would make my recovery easier and bonding with our babe quicker, that he continues to be mindful of me.

We named her Lenora after my great grandmother’s middle name, but plan to call her Nora. Her middle name is Mae after two of my distant grandmothers, one on my dad’s side and one on my mom’s side. She’s been Lenora to us for months now, but Mike and I were still debating over her middle name the day she was born. There will always be a little piece of me that thinks of her as Lenora Sutton¬†(after Mike’s grandma’s maiden name)¬†:) but it was important that Mike love her name, too! Lucky for me, he was pretty flexible with the rest of my baby names list!












This is when Midwife Jeanine announced that baby girl was 9 lbs 1 oz! Nearly 2 pounds bigger than my last, Clara!! Minds were blown!






Our recovery nurses were also incredible and mentioned that they’d be in 4-6 hours after delivery to give Nora her first bath. I knew the timing would work with when my mom was bringing the kids by and asked if we could wait so that they could watch. Our nurse suggested that she’d love to have them give Nora her bath! Their faces were heaven to me! The big girls also got to pick out Nora’s headband and blanket from a few I brought from home, which I know they loved. Clara was amazed by her- especially by her tiny feet- and refused to call her anything other than “my baby”. Cash was mostly focused on me, my sweet boy!






















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Recovery has been pretty speedy. We ended up leaving the hospital early because I couldn’t handle another night of having my vitals monitored. Our night there they actually woke me at 4:00am to draw blood! When I asked why, it was to make sure I hadn’t lost too much blood during labor (???)

2 Responses to “Lenora Mae”

  1. Emily says:

    Such a happy day! Sweet baby girl. I’m so glad to hear it was such a good labor. She’s precious.

  2. Lesley says:

    Oh this is just so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share, and I’m so happy for you that everything went so well. You deserved a perfect delivery. And those cheeks! To die for. Congratulations, beautiful mama. You’re amazing.