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Oh Halloween, we have such a love hate relationship! I love the excuse to play around with my kids and their ideas creatively, but lets be honest: I was asking for it when I convinced them to join me in a CIRCUS theme! Trunk or Treat at the church went relatively well, but lets face it. I was in the throws of the first trimester and couldn’t enter the church to partake of the chili cookoff. Mike took our four, plus a friend, in to feed them Chili. Ok, now if you’ve ever done a buffet outnumbered by kids, you know what an accomplishment THAT was! Me? Oh, I just sat on the steps of the church trying to pretend like the confused looks of those walking past me into the feast didn’t bother. That I wasn’t lonely. OrĀ about to puke on my fancy Fortune Telling skirts.

But Halloween night really takes the cake. We had lots of tears, and cold shoulders from our normally buoyant Lily. Cash insisted on The Amazing Spiderman mask, however he couldn’t see a thing as he walked from house to house, falling flat on his face when he missed a step more than once. We ended up demanding it be removed, you know, for safety (we kind of like that little face!) and taking him house to house in tears. Meanwhile, about 1/2 a mile from home Lily needs to potty. We should of just taken her behind a house, but were too creeped out to do that. So my mom walked her all the way home. She didn’t make it.

See what I mean? Circus, Circus!




well someone was playing along!untitled-164




“show me your muscles” (he thinks they are in his elbows)