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Gender Reveal…

Again, its kind of anticlimactic to get everything out of order on here, but back in October we announced the baby’s gender to the kids. We found out at 10 weeks thanks to a handy little blood test (that is also wonderfully accurate in diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities) and I swear the nurse who called with the results must of thought I was mad. I just sat there laughing when she told me baby #5 will be girl #4. I knew Cash wouldn’t take it well! I’d made cookies that day and every time he walked in the room I was plying him with more. More love. More treats. You name it. I’m this close to naming the baby his name selection just to give him a little win on this one!

The rest of us are of course thrilled. We’re comfortable with this girl thing. I have great plans for our Women’s Conference trips and girls nights while the boys are at Scouting events etc. And of course Mike will have a blast spoiling Cash rotten with all of those one on one excursions (if the girls let their dad out of their line of vision!)

Anyways! To announce baby’s gender we let them each pick a blue or pink balloon to blow up. The blue balloons were rigged. The pink ones inflated to let them all know there will be another sister in the house this May (about that, this will be our THIRD baby born in May! I really need to come up with a birthday party plan!)


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  1. Lisa Brown says:

    Congrats! Poor little Cash. I love that last picture you included. Alllie was very sad when we found out Eric was a boy, but now she adores her little brother. My brother was the same way, being the only boy and having three sisters. Sweet little guy.