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2014 Family Newletter

Our family was at it again this Spring! We finally remodeled the upstairs kitchen and living areas of our Kirkland house! From supervising the knocking down of walls and raising ceilings to installing electrical and plumbing Mike had a hand in everything!

After two days of demo, Mike was invited to Texas for his first face to face interview with Microsoft’s Las Colinas office and after six weeks of construction the house was listed for sale- we were moving to Texas! Four days and Four offers later found us reviewing offers (4) in the San Francisco airport during a layover! Mike moved to Texas to begin his new job as a Technical Accounts Manager two weeks later while Melissa and the kids packed and soaked up one more beautiful Seattle summer.

Fall found us settling into our new home in Frisco, Texas. The kids are thriving in a new school and a church family that is packed to filling with other kids. From the friends who helped us through a hectic remodel and move to getting to know their Texas roots, we are learning that the definition of family is much greater than they could of wrapped their brains around before this adventure began.

We’re also excited to share that our whirlwind year was capped by a surprise 5th baby. The even bigger surprise was that baby girl #4 will join us this May!

Mike (as told by Melissa) Mike has had a whirlwind year- from realizing his remodeling dreams on our Kirkland house (I can’t tell you the hours he spent modeling and preparing for the changes we made!) to taking the plunge into life 2,000 miles away from his Seattle roots. He’s really enjoying his time working with his customers on his new Microsoft team, and I’m excited to see him doing something that that he’s been passionate about- seeing direct impact from their brainstorming and creative use of Microsoft’s great products- for as long as I’ve known him! And while Mike loved the experience of working on our Kirkland home, I think he’s looking forward to house projects that fall under the “want” category and not the “need”.

Melissa (as told by Mike) Melissa is in full-blown nesting mode again after leaving our Kirkland home of six years (along with most of the furniture) and settling into our Texas home with a little one on the way! She is loving being close to her family and has found many excuses to invite everybody over for some good food and fun. Melissa is making good friends in the ward and looking forward to reconnecting with High School friends as soon as she kicks her early-pregnancy nausea. Melissa and I are especially excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary this December!

Madilynn (as told by Cash) Maddie is 8 1/2. She likes to play with me. We play Skylanders and she likes to be Ninja Stealth Elf when we play. She likes to play dress up with me too I dress up like a pirate and she is a princess. I just know Maddie is good at school (she has straight As this year!). I’m not telling you what she likes about school…oh, its because I don’t know.

Lily (as told by Clara) Lily loves this Texas sunshine! She loves to bike, jump on the tramp and do anything that helps her get rid of energy- so our clear Texas winters are just her speed! She has worked so hard in school this Fall and has made great progress with her reading!

Cash ( as told by Maddie) TO COME! (As soon as Maddie gets home from school and can find time to write it!)

Clara (as told by Lily)  Clara is a sweet little monster! Her favorite thing is dogs and she likes to dance and sing along to the radio. When she sees people at the store, she always says hi…and says it over and over again until the respond (Even if she has already passed them in the store). It makes her really happy when people come to visit us! When you tell her to do a somersault she does one sideways. She also can jump a little bit!

With love and wishes for the Merriest of Christmases,
The Hancocks

p.s. If you took time to come read this newsletter, will you do us a favor and leave a comment? We’re curious as to whether our news still gets to you if we don’t actually include it in our Christmas Card!
p.p.s. I never got around to posting pictures of our remodel, so I’m including them here! This project was not only a major part of 2014, but was a work in progress over the last six years! 
Exterior Before
Exterior01Exterior After
IMG_0314Backyard Before
Exterior08Backyard After (same view)
KitchenNowKitchen Before
Kitchen After (this third picture is a similar angle as the before picture)
Playroom Before
Family03 (1)
Playroom after- We combined the two downstairs rooms and removed the closet to make an office nook.
Downstairs (rental) kitchen Before
Downstairs turned Mudroom After
I don’t have befores for all of my afters, so here are a few bonus pictures of our well loved Washington home!
Master02 (1)

6 Responses to “2014 Family Newletter”

  1. Caitlin says:

    What a busy year for your family! Congrats on the new baby and everything in between!

  2. Alisha says:

    Loved your newsletter! And your Washington house is GORGEOUS! I love our little 1940 house, but kind of crave something super updated.

  3. Theresa says:

    I love your news and I’m SO glad you’re so much closer! You guys did SUCH a great job on the Seattle house. We only saw it at the before stage, and now it looks amazing!

  4. Jessica L. says:

    Mel! What a great newsletter and BUSY year for you. Congrats on the new baby girl, amazing remodel and TX move! :)

  5. Lesley says:

    I loved this update. And your house! WOW! It’s a stunner. I can’t believe you left it! It must have been so hard to do, but what a wonderful opportunity for your family. Thanks for sharing the updates and all the pictures of your lovely home.

  6. Rachele says:

    I’m flying up to Washington today and will miss you all! Excited for all the great things happening for everyone there. Much love to you all!!!