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Lily’s baby…

Little Clara…

Newborn photos are easier said than done…especially when you’re both photographer and mom! We finally managed to take Clara’s newborn photos when she was 11 days old, and not a day too soon because on day 12 she was suddenly very alert!

Things are great with this little girl of ours! She is growing like a weed- 7 lbs 11 oz at her 2 week check up. She is now in the 75% for weight and 97% for height! She still seems so tiny to me, though!

My mom went home this morning, so Monday will be our first day since Clara’s birth without backup! I can’t claim to be anything but nervous, but I have confidence that I can get the kids on board with our new agenda (survival)! :)

Mema’s Buttons…

One Summer trip that I took to Mema’s, shortly after my PaPa died, I took four little quilts with me to sew with her help. I just barely knew what I was doing, but even with her own stack of beautiful quilts, she never made me feel like my abilities, vision, or grasp of the art was insignificant. Looking back, I was making a very simple pattern with a limited understanding of the process, but I was determined. They were quilts for my brothers and sister to take with them when they moved to Mexico City in a few months. I was sixteen.

Looking at these buttons that I brought home from Mema’s house, even though those quilts didn’t have a single button, remind me of that giant project that she coached me through. She’d tell me how it should be done, then sit back and let me make my mistakes. She made many beautiful things herself, but they weren’t meant to be simply admired; they were used.  The embroidery was on a pillowcase, not a wall hanging and the doilies were out, not saved for holidays.  Oh, and what a practical country housekeeper she was! She kept nails and screws in with her notions!  I was cracking up as I sorted through this pile.


My mom and Rick visited this past weekend. We had a blast (and phone pictures will follow). On their last day, my mom and I took the girls with us for a quick head shot update for her professional use. This was seriously a 15 minute shoot and hot chocolate stop! We knew exactly where we wanted to go and went for it!

I think just about every little girl wishes to grow up like her mom. I still do hope to mirror her in beauty and goodness! Love you momma!


More homework from last week. The assignment was look at the quality of light you get through a window and compare it to outdoor light. Here’s a couple pictures of my little gif  the day after the snow started to melt!

a little bit of my boyfriend.

We’re trying to make the most of the weather. School is out again tomorrow, which means we’ve got yet another day to find ways to entertain ourselves. I may sneak the girls away for solo outings for pictures. I also have big plans for making Valentines…if I can ever find my stash of paper doilies! (thanks for the idea, Amanda!)

Anyways, Mike let me take a few pictures of him for my photography class today. I’m reviewing posing: mugshot, 3/4, 7/8 and profile.  He’s got that cool boy stare down! My neighbor, Lucy, looked very confused when she saw us out running through our 8 1/2 inches of snow without kids this afternoon!

Heeeere’s Mikey! Oh, and if you could get me a little comment love, I’m sure it’d do wonders for that boy’s ego. He may spend hours flexing in the mirror, but apparently he is uncomfortable looking at photos of himself!


photo booth…

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