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April, 2014

Age 7

excuse me while I brag…


I co-docent Madilynn’s Kindergarten art class and this month was my month to teach. We read the book When Pigasso met Mootisse by Nina Laden. Its a book that I discovered at the MOA back in college when I was pregnant with Maddie and hoped to share with her someday. Today was the day! It is a story of a pig and a bull who loooove to paint,  loosely modeled after Picasso and Matisse of course, well they become neighbors and friends. However, with time, their artistic differences get in the way of their friendship and they get pretty offensive! But then they get lonely and they learn to appreciate their differences.

The class talked about how we all draw differently, yet we can be inspired by each other’s work. We may like how Pearl draws eyes, or how Sophia pairs her colors. We learn by watching eachother create. I then had the kids find a partner and draw their portrait. Above, you’ll find the portrait that Madilynn drew of her friend Caroline.

I should include here that I was really blown away by so many of these portraits. The colors were fabulous, the perspective that we see on their friendships was so sweet, and were all so incredibly focused. Yet…Madilynn stole the show. The teachers and aids all marveled at her work. Her friends heard this and came up to admire the drawing. They ooo’ed and ahhh’ed.

When Madilynn came home she said “My friends all think that I am an artist! So Maybe I am?” and then continued with plans for her family to live with us forever, just like Andy Warhol, and she would go to the museum each day while her husband worked and I could watch their kids. I just smiled and told her I’d be honored.

Once upon a time that was my dream too. Dreams change as we grow and right now my life is pretty close to a dream, but it never hurts to see a passion passed along to your children!

Now, I’d just liek to point out a few things about her piece: How about the fact that she used 3/4 profile! Also, those flowers are so like the pattern on Caroline’s shirt. And, notice Caroline’s ear? She discretely drew in the outline of a clear hearing aid that Caroline wears.  Her face is a little muddied, but that is because her teachers (ehem, me) chose a medium that she may not have been ready for.

I’m loved…

Madilynn aided Mike in making this list of things he loves about me. I love his list. It is so him. I also love Maddie’s thoughtfulness and effort and the beautiful veil that she drew on me :)

Dear Santa…

Thank you so much for the bells. love, Madilynn (in double sided card format)

Science People, by Maddie

Family Portrait by Madilynn