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Saint Patrick’s Day



Clara and I hosted her playgroup the week of Valentines and so we decided to invite everyone over for a bit of a party. Her contributions to everyone’s goodie bags were hugs + kisses pretzels.

We kept things simple with our party: Decorating doughnuts, adding stickers to our goodie bags, and making fruit loop valentines for the birds!untitled-4-2






untitled-80 untitled-82


Tiny Dancer

Clara dances everywhere and one of my favorite things is to glance over my shoulder while searching a grocery aisle and find her breaking out a few impressive dance moves in the center of the store! This morning she came to me dressed up and asked for me to play “Frozen” for her. It was the first song she could sing- practically the first words she ever declared-so its fitting that its also her request when it comes to a good, releasing dance session! DSC_0705 (Large)

DSC_0766bw (Large)

DSC_0742 (Large)

Lazy like Monday Morning

Just hanging on the floor with my darlings while they dance to Let it Go and refuse to accept Taylor Swift as a substitute!


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Clara Said…


untitled-17-2 (Large)

She’s been yelling “Mikey!” when she wants her dad to do something. Nobody calls him by “Mikey” anymore.

A couple Sundays ago we had friend over when all of a sudden there was a herd of kids tumbling down the stairs scream-laughing. I raced over to make sure everyone was ok and saw the source of their terror: 3 year old Clara, completely naked, brandishing a plastic sword at the top of the stairs!

On occasion when I ask if I can put her to bed, she responds “no, dad do it. you make me nervous.”

When Cash was being scolded for having his school binder signed AGAIN: “We get new Cash? We get new boy? This ones broken.”

Lessons on sharing…

I think this series of images tell the story pretty well!!! I’ve uploaded them in the order they were taken.








“motherhood brings as much joy as ever, but it still brings boredom, exhaustion and sorrow too. Nothing else ever will make you as happy or sad, as proud or just tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality, especially while you struggle to keep your own.” -Marguerite Kelly 💓💓💓

These two held a princess tea party during Cash’s basketball game yesterday morning. They had curtsy lessons, music time, dancing class, and cookies and “water” (aka air). They danced and twirled together like only a couple of free spirited sisters can. I love their relationship. Its positive. And welcoming. And without restraint.

I was simultaneously putting away groceries and washing dishes (that sounds like the craziest idea yet, but it made since then) when they came to show me their costumes and tell me their plans.

They wanted a picture. I was so tempted to suggest they remove their socks, select a tutu that matched better, maybe brush their hair, but this picture would have told a different story then. It wouldn’t have been their story, but something staged and inauthentic .

They are teaching me to truly embrace the individual; to not press them to conform to my ideal, but to embrace theirs as what makes their individuality. I’m pretty sure these two are shaping into something pretty spectacular!