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Mike’s Birthday…


Mike was pretty much couch ridden on his birthday this year. I don’t think I’ve blogged it- and maybe this is a weird post to share it in- but Mike broke his ankle while playing football with his rec league at the end of July. It was horrible. Luckily, the whole clan was there and I was able to take his cute little buns to the ER while his mom took the kids home and tucked them in.

We spent HOURS waiting in the ER. HOURS while he was in agony. My blood still boils when I think about how they took patients based on their arrival. While they treated people who were joking with nurses, Mike threw up and shook in pain. We eventually found out that he had broken the ankle in three places and would need surgery. This was followed by a week and a half of bedrest to keep it elevated before surgery.

His ankle surgery was August 2nd….his birthday 2 weeks later. He’s been on crutches (no weight allowed on the ankle) 8 weeks at this point and has 4 days to go! Since we couldn’t easily do anything, I decided to bring the party to him by inviting Denny and Crystal to join us for dinner and water games for the kids. We had a ton of fun watching the kids pop giant bubbles and devour chili dogs and peach crisp.




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This Summer’s project is to get our yard fully fenced so that Gemma can roam it with us. Mike kicked the project off on Saturday as he set four fence posts on the North side of the house!

Madilynn sat with him for moral support and ended up getting invited to spray water into the concrete as Mike mixed! She has been quite the goober these past few days. :) Not sure what to make of all of this authentic, elementary school humor. Its actually pretty funny, not because its funny, but because she gets such a kick out of being goofy!

a little bit of my boyfriend.

We’re trying to make the most of the weather. School is out again tomorrow, which means we’ve got yet another day to find ways to entertain ourselves. I may sneak the girls away for solo outings for pictures. I also have big plans for making Valentines…if I can ever find my stash of paper doilies! (thanks for the idea, Amanda!)

Anyways, Mike let me take a few pictures of him for my photography class today. I’m reviewing posing: mugshot, 3/4, 7/8 and profile. ┬áHe’s got that cool boy stare down! My neighbor, Lucy, looked very confused when she saw us out running through our 8 1/2 inches of snow without kids this afternoon!

Heeeere’s Mikey! Oh, and if you could get me a little comment love, I’m sure it’d do wonders for that boy’s ego. He may spend hours flexing in the mirror, but apparently he is uncomfortable looking at photos of himself!