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Oh my sweet girls…

This picture is beyond imperfect, technically. However, I just adore the relationship Clara has with her two big sisters! They are the sweetest to her. So patient. So fun. I found these two having an after school pow wow. I believe Madilynn was reading her new agenda to Clara. untitled-55

First Day of School 2014

I’m playing catch up on this blog, so that all of 2014 is accounted for, however its inherent with “catch up” that I only remember a snippet of what actually happened! Here’s what I do remember from the first day of school here in Texas.

– MiMi took these girls to Nordy’s for a back to school treat and they both picked the outfit she bought for their first day. I love that Maddie selected her Texas shirt for her first day of school in her new state. :)

– Lily came home in tears. First grade started out as a real struggle with her as she worked to catch up with kids who had full day kindergarten (compared to her half). She was so quiet as we walked home from school- I just knew something was bothering her. Honestly though, I think the standards were much lower for Lily in Washington. It was ok that she didn’t know how to read as she left Kinder. Here, not so much. Her first scores had her wonderful teacher questioning her ability to keep up, but they persevered at tested again after three weeks. Her scores had sky rocketed!!

– Lily is very carefree about a lot of things. Which means that she takes things in stride, but it also means she doesn’t worry about learning names- she plays with who is in front of her. However in starting first grade in a new school I can tell that she is attempt to be more intentional. Its hard for a free spirited girl to realize she has to work to make friends!

– Madilynn went into it with the most positive attitude I’ve ever seen from my cautious girl! She loved her first day! Her teacher is organized and driven, which is just what Maddie needs! She’s really excelled under her care so far. She is always pushed to the next level and so far has brought home A report cards and joined the spelling team!

– A few weeks into the school year Madilynn came home with a problem. She said that she started her new school with the goal of being friends with everyone. Her problem was that her many new friends were beginning to argue over who was her BFF! Tough life, kid! Luckily, Maddie can be an incredible mediator and was welcoming to all.
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Madilynn’s Baptism



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Our Maddie girl was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ last week, on May 31st! We couldn’t be more proud of this girl, you guys! She was so nervous about everyone’s attention on her (man, can I relate!) but she settled in and overcame her nerves. She was even able to settle down enough to sing When I am Baptized with her Papa afterwards. Clara was a handful the entire time- which was further complicated because Madilynn and Mike sat on the front row and the rest of us behind- she was wondering everywhere and during Maddie’s song she went and proudly stood between her sister and Papa. There were quite a few giggles from the audience as she backed herself into the spot between them and stood there grinning. It was such a tender moment for so many reasons!

After her baptism, I was able to greet her with a towel and a hug. She was sobbing. Mike actually had to start the prayer over because he was so choked up. The best I was able to get out of Maddie was that she was crying because she just felt so good. She said she knew Heavenly Father was happy with her. It brings tears even now thinking of that tender observation by my sweet girl!

We were able to have so many family members there, including MiMi and PaPa who traveled from Texas, Grandma and Grandpa Burton who came from Lynden, and Rachael’s crew up from Vancouver. Friends who came to support Maddie were the Levys, Leishmans, Pauls, and our wonderful old neighbor Joan who was visiting from Reno and I happened to text that morning! She was staying a couple blocks from the Stake Center and able to come celebrate Madilynn, who has always been her special friend (Joan is a teacher and would have afternoon playdates where they bonded over math, as well as celebrating each of our birthdays together over ice cream cakes!) We headed to our ward building afterwards for dinner with everyone. What fun! Our kitchen had been under construction for the past two weeks so we kept the food simple. Sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, rainbow jello, and green salad. Madilynn wanted to do a rainbow theme because her favorite song is When I am Baptized.

A couple random successes in making the day work well were having Madilynn’s hair french braided on the side then back in a bun. All I had to do after she came out of the water was give the back a slight squeeze to remove excess water. It was a snap to get her looking pulled together quickly! Also, Lily and I died noodles a rainbow of colors (2 Tbs alcohol and a few drops coloring shaken in a bag of noodles) for the kids to string while we finished setting up for dinner.

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A letter to Madilynn as she prepares for baptism…

untitled-170 (Large) To my tender little Madilynn,

I am so thrilled to watch as you prepare to be baptized! I can’t say that I’ve ever met someone who has such a strong moral compass as you. Your sight is clear and pure. You want to be the best you can, and you truly hurt when you see others veer from the standards you hold true. I want you to know that even though I may counsel you not to hold others- especially your brother and sisters- to your standards, I am so grateful for the heart that is behind your “bossing” them. I know that the root of it is a great concern for their happiness!

The other day, after we took these pictures of you in your baptism dress, you approached me sobbing because you were worried about friends who “believed in science and not Jesus”. You said that you asked them who made them and they said “science made me”, and then you said “but WHO did the science?” My first reaction was to think how adorable you were to not completely understand. But as I’ve thought more and as we’ve studied the Priesthood for your Primary class, I’ve realized that you were absolutely right. There is a scientist. Our Heavenly Father is the “scientist” behind it all. He used the powers of His priesthood to form this earth. He set everything in motion- placed the earth on it’s axis, created a water system to give us a constantly filtered source of nourishment, and He perfectly placed us in the universe to have just enough light and warmth. Then He used His priesthood to form these amazing bodies that can heal and recreate and do all kinds of incredible things! He did it all through the Priesthood. It took me a few days to puzzle out the reality that our Heavenly Father IS that scientist. Our conversation that day went more in the direction of praising our Him for his mercy and for judging us based on how we act upon what we know to be true. How we live to our OWN standards.

Daddy and I were talking afterwards and I just couldn’t express how grateful I am for the knowledge that I have.  So grateful for the gospel which set my spinning thoughts to right when I was a confused and searching teen. So that when you come to me with these deep questions, I am able to draw on the deep truths that the prophets have shared. I can help you find truth, too.  Sometimes you give me a run for my money and it takes a few days for the lesson to sink in so that I actually have something to share, but I know that the answers will come. Keep bringing the questions, love. You help me to keep moving forward.

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Maddie’s Cat


April, 2014

Age 7

Cheer camp

The girls participated in a two day cheer camp taught by the cheerleaders of our local high school last month. They learned two cheers and a dance on day one, and on the second day they were could be dancing their pants off at center court for the varsity basketball team. They had such fun and bonded as they practiced cheers and sprayed glitter in their hair.

Madilynn worked so hard on memorizing the steps and was such a determined little dancer! Lily warmed my heart with her tiny little self (she was the smallest girl out there) and complete lack of or care for synchronization!

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