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dsc_1420I love yearbook day! Ok, who am I kidding: I love anything that unifies these two! They had such fun comparing friend lists and signatures when yearbooks finally came home.

You’re One in a Melon

Madilynn turned 10 this spring! We celebrated with a scavenger hunt at the mall with a few friends, followed by her favorite: Auntie Annies!

She’s such a fun, determined little learner. She feels strongly her roll as leader in our home, and is so wonderful with little children. She is a creative playmate to Clara and Nora and always willing to babysit, even if she’s not always willing to do her chores! Madilynn is still imaginative and a great, creative problem solver. She reminds me of my PaPa in this, if a chair was wobbly he would quietly go about fixing the problem. Madilynn does this with things around the home, often using creative (and sometimes messy!) solutions to problems or ideas!





Yellow belt

The three big kids started Taekwondo the first week of January and while Cash decided to take a break (which he later regretted…like as soon as he realized we’d legitimately withdrawn him!), the girls were able to test for and earn their yellow belts in March. Here are pictures of their first Taekwondo awards ceremony!

Their fierce! untitled-67 (Large)

untitled-66-2 (Large)

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The Graduate: Egg OIT

Happy happy day!!! This girl graduated from egg OIT! She is now at 2 REAL eggs a day for the next month, drops her allergy medicine in 3 weeks, and then we retest! Even better than not needing to mix powdered eggs into a shot of juice twice a day she now can eat them ANY way and earned herself a CUPCAKE from a BAKERY this afternoon! When’s the last time THAT happened!! 5 months ago a chewy spree landed the girl in urgent care, so the view from here is looking pretty sunny today!!!! ☀️

We’ve gone weekly since the end of September for a raise in her egg dosage. She started with micrograms of egg and would take her dosage twice a day with Zyrtec and Xanax to help her body not react! Each dr appointment they give her a little more egg and then monitor her reaction (the first appointment was 8 hours though!) For the most part she’s responded well, but there have been days where she reacted to her am dose and had to be monitored for the day. It’s been lots of missed school, lots of drama as we figure out how to make powdered egg palatable in juice , and LOTS of time! But through the desensitization process she’s gone from reacting to a lick of a chewy spree to handling a whole egg!!!

untitled-33 (Large)

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Nora loves all the little people in this house, but she is a total momma’s girl. If she can see or hear me, she isn’t content with a substitute. BUT, sometimes Maddie is able to trick her into a snuggle when she really just wants her momma. She’s my mini me for sure since she got those glasses! untitled-225bw




Dallas Millennial Choir

Madilynn and Lily had the opportunity to participate in the Fall semester of the Dallas Millennial Choir which culminated in two Christmas Concerts last month. This was not the task for the feeble hearted; the drive was 30-45 minutes each way,  their practices were rigorous, and near the end they went late into the night. However, the result was a truly breathtaking performance.

We were also so fortunate to participate with a group of their church friends, which meant a fabulous carpool setup and 1- 1 1/2 hours in the car with friends each Thursday evening.

Photos by Jen Mabray







Remember that time…

when Lily caught a monarch using skills learned at the Dallas Arboretum and then they identified it’s gender and asked for tagging supplies! The girls took turns holding it, making sure to hold all 4 wings.